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   Market Date: 19-11-2013   
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  1. African Promise at Old Mutual, Seeks to tap into growth in insurance

    While Old Mutual’s U.K. and U.S. Businesses Show Signs of Improvement, Efforts to Take Advantage of Africa's Growth in Insurance May Interest Investors More
  2. Releasing the Insurance Sector from the stranglehold of the 1997 Decree / Act

    Rather than wane, the interest and belief in Nigeria's insurance industry continues to grow and some professionals and now more committed to helping the National Insurance Commission become a better regulator; because from where we see it, the problem of
  3. Insurance Industry: Voting for the Best Commissioner for Insurance?

    As part of efforts to recalibrate the discussions around the state and development within the insurance industry and the perception created of a mediocre regulatory institution.
  4. Natural Disasters Cost the World $160 Billion in 2012

    Benefit From the Latest Energy Trends and Investment Opportunities before the mainstream media and investing public are aware they even exist. The Free Energy Intelligence Report gives you this and much more. Click here to find out more.
  5. How Regulators Underdeveloped the Insurance Industry in Nigeria

    In Nigeria where the rule of law on a general basis seems to be growing steadily, financial regulation has gained greater strength from the positive impact of the restructuring initiatives in the aftermath of the global economic recession. With these, how
  6. STREET BUZZ: Unapproved accounts of Insurance companies raises dust

    With A & G Insurance serving NAICOM's six (6) months suspension for complicated financial issues, one wonders when the day would come for NICON Insurance, IGI, Guinea and others who either do not have approved accounts by NAICOM or have obtained approval
  7. STREET BUZZ: Linkage Assurance Plc frets over Bayelsa Deal

    At Linkage Assurance Plc where Senator Udo Udoma holds sway as Chairman, it would appear that trouble is brewing because the Bayelsa State Government seeks to stop the much publicised M & A deal with Dotun Sulaiman's Cornerstone Insurance Plc.
  8. STREET BUZZ: Staco Plc CEO change Imminent

    Grapevine has it that the MD/CEO of Staco Insurance Plc has been asked to go!
  9. STREET BUZZ: Gbolahan Odutayo takes over at Goldlink as MD and Finance Director leaves

    The Chairman, MD/CEO and ED, Finance of Goldlink Insurance Plc have been asked to leave; while Mr. Gbolahan Odutayo has been named the new MD/CEO.
  10. Requirement for Registration - General Insurance Business

    Application Form 1 (Obtained from the Commission) , Evidence of payment of N30, 000, 000 Registration Fees to National Insurance Commission (1% of Minimum paid-up share capital)
  11. The Crisis of Confidence in Insurance: What Fola Daniel Did Not Say

    The Insurance Industry in Nigeria has not enjoyed the required public confidence needed to fulfil its potentials since the takeover of foreign insurance companies by Nigerians about 50 years ago. Mostly, non-insurance professionals, those Nigerians have b
  12. Insurers may pay as much as N2.29bn on Dana Crash

    A consortium of local underwriters and re-insurers, led by Prestige Assurance Plc, owned largely by Indian nationals, will have to pay a minimum of N2.29bn to the relatives of the ill-fated Dana Airline plane that crashed in Lagos on Sunday.
  13. FRC directs NAICOM to review Alliance & General Insurance Accounts

    The Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, the nation’s accounting and financial reporting standards custodian, yesterday indicted Alliance and General Insurance Limited and Alliance and General Life Assurance Limited for preparing two financial statemen
  14. Old Mutual offer for Oceanic Life

    Old Mutual offer for Oceanic Life
  15. As CBN’s 140512 deadline approaches, few banks have complied

    As CBN’s 140512 deadline approaches, few banks have complied
  16. The Nigerian Insurance Sector: Unlocking Value through enforcement of compulsory insurances

    At the end of the insurance sector consolidation and recapitalisation, part of the reform of the entire financial system in 2007, expectations were high that the sector would unlock the huge untapped value in the industry and deliver exponential growth si
  17. PFAs that fail to recapitalise may lose licence

    PFAs that fail to recapitalise may lose licence
  18. Status Update of sales/merger - Banks and Insurance subsidiaries

    Status Update of sales/merger - Banks and Insurance subsidiaries
  19. Still on New Capital Base for Insurance firms...

    As the nations insurance industry awaits anxiously for governments pronouncement on new minimum capital base for the industry, the NIA enlightens government on the need to take into consideration basic performance indices regarding the industry.

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