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   Market Date: 03-07-2014   
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Market Updates

  1. US Firms Send Record Cash Back to Investors

    U.S. companies are showering investors with a record windfall in the form of dividends and share buybacks, helping to propel the stock market's rally. Companies in the S&P 500 index are expected to pay at least $300 billion in dividends in 2013, according
  2. What the NYSE sale means for investors

    The announced sale Thursday of NYSE Euronext to ICE, an Atlanta-based derivatives exchange, may be rattling some Wall Street traders and market pros. But what does the $8.2 billion deal mean for Main Street investors?
  3. Goldman Scales Back Analyst Program

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS +0.57% is doing away with two-year contracts for most analysts hired out of college, according to communications reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and confirmed by a Goldman spokesman. Analysts also won't get bonuses for comp
  4. The Intelligent Investor: Want to Buy a Private Stock?

    In the bull market that has suddenly broken out for stocks, you might have missed the bull market emerging in another commodity: regulatory irony. The likely outcome will be wide access to formerly exclusive securities—and a greater risk of fraud and abu
  5. Credit ratings: how Fitch, Moody's and S&P rate each country

    How do credit ratings vary by country and by ratings agencies? Fitch has slashed Spain's sovereign credit rating to BBB from A and given the country a negative outlook.
  6. Facebook's IPO debacle: greed, hubris, incompetence …

    It is three trading days after Facebook went public, and we now know that the IPO will live forever in the history books – just not in the way anyone had planned. Had Facebook openly set out to sabotage its own IPO, it could not have invented a better or
  7. Analysts Pressured To Be Positive

    Analysts Pressured To Be Positive
  8. New Fund Gives You Early Warning of Europe 's Crisis

    New Fund Gives You Early Warning of Europe 's Crisis
  9. Stockmarket returns in the 20th century: Go-go to oh no

    Stockmarket returns in the 20th century: Go-go to oh no
  10. If It Looks Like a Bear ...

    If It Looks Like a Bear ...
  11. New rules for private fund reporting - USA

    New rules for private fund reporting - USA
  12. More stringent requirements for listed companies' duty of disclosure - Denmark

    More stringent requirements for listed companies' duty of disclosure - Denmark
  13. The Monthly NCM Report for October 2010

    The Monthly NCM Report for October 2010
  14. The Quarterly NCM Report for Sept‘10

    The Quarterly NCM Report for Sept‘10
  15. Market turns south after three days of appreciations: Observations

    Market turns south after three days of appreciations: Observations
  16. The Monthly NCM Report for February 2010

    The NSE index which began 2010 with very promising up trend appears to be turning into a whimper. Although the NSE all share index gained 1,713 or 8.2% in January 2010, approximately 1,233 or 72% of the gains were made in the first half of the month. Sinc
  17. Balancing innovation and tradition

    The regulatory authorities of Islamic finance have been working to bring greater clarity to the relatively young sukuk asset class, but the market will need time to digest the implications. Writer Philip Alexander
  18. More trouble ahead as Blue Chip stocks hit new 52wk lows

    At this point it is beginning to look as if the bottoms for majority of listed stocks in the NSE are still several naira away from their current prices. ...leaders in the financial sector are beginning to break through support levels that acted as solid b
  19. Analyst Report on IAA Plc

    It is easy, unscientifically, to ascribe the reason for the decline in the stock price to the downturn in the NSE. However, it is evident that at the peak price of N2.34k, the stock price was N1.40, or 149% above our calculated fair value of N0.94k.
  20. The Nigerian Stock Market: Near the Bottom?

    Nobody has ever predicted accurately the when and how of bursts. Just before a major burst, experience has shown, the market will always look so promising and attract some late comers who a
  21. Nigeria: Equity Strategy

    ...despite our bullish view of opportunities in Nigeria, we expect the countryâââââ€ÅÂ
  22. Stock Market Behaviour: Lessons for Investors

    The state of the Nigerian stock market for the past 10 weeks till date suggests it only takes a pretty big risk-taker to inject fresh funds. For the smart traders, the accumulation phase is the time to buy since values have stopped falling and everyone el
  23. Forte Stock Market Review

    This week, we expect to see some equities waxing stronger in their share prices. As soon as investorsââÃÂÂÂ
  24. Bearish sentiments erode investor's confidence

    Stock Market Review WE 031008: While most people have watched haplessly as their accumulated fortune dwindled to an unenviable state. Chartists portends the index might test the 45,000 points.
  25. Market renaissance remains elusive

    Stock Market Review ââ‚ÂÃ
  26. CBN wades in on Waning market condition.

    Although the market has been embellished with several pronouncements to reverse its lackluster performance, the bulls are still no where in sight. Most stocks cascaded downwards at the end of our review period.
  27. MPCs decisions may address bearish trend in market

    Momentum in trading activities volumes and values were boosted today and this may not be unconnected to the release of a communiquÃÃÃâ
  28. NSE delists 10 firms

    The Nigerian Stock Exchange today delisted the following 10 stocks for failing to meet the post-listing requirements of the exchange.
  29. Table showing impact of 1% decline

    ......allowing stock prices to decline only by one percent, while allowing the prices to increase by 5% daily is the worst policy to help achieve a market turnaround.
  30. Market defies intervention as investors ....

    Afribank came closely behind with 16.47% spike in price. A proposed bonus issue of 1 for 3 and cash dividend of N0.50k might have fueled the upswing recorded by the stock. The closure and payment date for this corporate action are 18th and 30th of Septemb
  31. Alabi rolls out strategy to reposition Wema Bank

    Mahmoud Lai Alabi, Ag. MD/CEO of Wema Bank Plc has rolled out his core strategies of repositioning the bank; including the issue of capital. Alabi affirmed this at the handing over ceremony of the affairs of the bank from John Aboh, the out-going MD/CEO.
  32. Implications of Capital Market Measures

    FSDH Research has put together the implications of the decision/measures on the Nigerian capital market and the equities market in particular. We hope you will find the information useful.
  33. Intervention prompts market rebound but for how long?

    ...the question remains how long will the artificial support last? One common feature of every market clash is over-valuation. This means investors driving a stock and the market beyond their underlying values through speculative activities. Investors are
  34. Restoring Confidence in the Stock Market

    a series of measures have been recommended and two i.e. the adjusted price floor and cost of transactions took effect immediately; and the market reacted swiftly to these measures as key indicators have reversed. So what happened?
  35. Intervention by the Federal Government

    As part of the interim measures, effective from Wednesday, the NSE will take the following steps - The NSE will reduce its fees by 50 per cent, New listings on the Nigerian Stock Exchange is hereby suspended until the market stabilises... read on
  36. Panic Selling intensifies Market Downturn

    No sector was spared from the bear hug as most stocks were southwards bound with the exception of 8 stocks that recorded price hikes. Despite the myriads of results and juicy corporate action investors are not willing to be swayed as their morale is low.
  37. Stock Market Review - WE 220808

    The week under review witnessed the dominance of bears in the market with no sign of rebound. The sustained rally in Mobil Oil, Chevron Oil, Julius Berger, and International Breweries among others could not support the market from sliding further.
  38. Index slides to new low...

  39. Capital Hotels list/sell N4.1 billion on the NSE

    Capital Hotels Plc (Abuja Sheraton Hotels) has listed by way of introduction and special sale of 637,919,840 Ordinary Shares of 50 Kobo each at N6.50 Kobo per share. The listing followed a sale of shares by the BPE to the general public
  40. Index plummets as bears held sway

    Stock Market Review ââ‚ÂÃ

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