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  1. Australia’s Banks Rank First on Yields: Riskless Return

    Australian banks posted the best risk-adjusted returns among global peers in the past 10 years, attracting investors with rising earnings and the highest dividend yields of the world’s biggest lenders.
  2. Investors and Suspended Stockbroking Firms –Advisory

    Investors and Suspended Stockbroking Firms –Advisory
  3. African Petroleum Plc – The Aviomoh Papers

    This is a reproduction of the Press Statement by M.S.C Aviomoh, Executive Director Finance & I.T, African Petroleum PLC at the Protea Hotel Ikeja on 21st July 2010 titled: The Milking of African Petroleum Plc
  4. Reason to hope for stock market investors

    It is official. Equities were the worst performing asset class over the past decade, delivering negative real returns since 1998.
  5. Egypt Capital Market: Latest amendments to Listing Rules

    June 08 2010: After several amendments, the general conditions for the listing of securities on the Egyptian Exchange have been further amended. The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority has approved the Egyptian Exchange's October 2009 proposal to ame
  6. Brig-Gen Tunde Reis wins the LBS Most Distinguished Alumni Award 2010

    Brig-Gen Tunde Reis wins the LBS Most Distinguished Alumni Award 2010
  7. Code of Conduct for Capital Market Operators & their Employees by SEC, Nigeria

    Code of Conduct for Capital Market Operators & their Employees by SEC, Nigeria
  8. Banking reforms: Civil wheat and criminal chaff

    Especially for the millions of Nigerians who are, for all practical purposes, eking out a subsistence living as salaried workers or dependents on salary earners, no experience can be more traumatic than getting to your bank on a late Friday afternoon, exp
  9. Warren Buffett's best investments

    When Warren Buffett bought Berkshire Hathaway in the 1960s, it was a working textile mill in New England.
  10. Ombudsman With Reference to Capital Markets in India

    Approximately forty years ago word of the Ombudsman began to spread around the world. Today, it is so popular that everyone knows that an Ombudsman has long proven to be a most effective means of bringing back the peopleâ€â„Ã
  11. Where traditional banking models suit tough times

    The global slowdown has not spared Bosnia-Herzegovina, but the conservative strategies of many local banks have given them some support and protection. Writer Philip Alexander
  12. How banks promoters duped investors

    Look at any ponzy scheme, the operative word is Greed. It has been a recurring decimal through the ages, as people tended to reap bountifully out of financial designs without properly assessing the risk involved.
  13. Why Govt, Quoted Firms Take Refuge in Bonds

    Risks associated with short-term borrowing and the lull in the equities market are driving corporate organisations and state governments to the bond market, writes Eromosele Abiodun
  14. Bonds as investments are not risk free

    A bond is basically a loan an investor makes to the bonds' issuer.
  15. Taking Stock of Your Investment Strategy

    As at the close of trading on July 30, 2009, the NSE all share index for the first time in the last 30 trading days have broken above its 20 day moving average as indicated in the graph below.
  16. The Importance of Utilizing Technical Analysis in Trading the NSE

    As I perused the several Nigerian papers yesterday I noticed several newspapers were enumerating reasons for the current sell off of stocks in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  17. Managing Share Certificates, Dividends

    Before the stock meltdown last year, investing in stocks had become very popular. The interest in stock investing and awareness about the stock market increased in 2005 when banks embarked on massive promotion of their offers to raise funds for meeting th
  18. Unlocking capital potential through property right

    One of the main obstacles to generating capital for investment in many developing countries like Nigeria has been lack of recognition of title to property held by the informal sector as well as government bureaucracy.
  19. OBAMA: Matters Arising

    ....I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. - Martin Luther King III... but beyond that there is a new opportunity for new
  20. Share Buyback! Is it a Viable Option for Companies?

    Share buyback, particularly when a company\'s share price is undervalued or depressed, can provide a competitive return on investment. Apart from following SEC rules, the Nigerian Stock Exchange can support SEC by ensuring that possible abuses are minimiz
  21. The limitation of expert predictions

    Here are some of the worst predictions that were made about 2008. Savor them -- a crop like this doesn\'t come along every year.
  22. Class Action - uses, advantages and criticisms

    What is a class action lawsuit? A class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of a group of people who have been in some way injured by the actions of a company. It is common to see class action lawsuits filed by members of the company if hiring or salary pra
  23. FAQs: Ponzi schemes

    What is a Ponzi scheme? It is the name given to pyramid selling in the US. A Ponzi scheme uses cash from new customers or investors to pay returns to existing investors. It does little legitimate business, but just recycles money. The scheme depends on a
  24. Taking improbable events seriously: Q & A Session

    The author of The Black Swan explains why the rarity and unpredictability of certain events does not make them unimportant.
  25. What happened to the bull market?

    Unless long-term interest rates drop further, aggregate price-to-earnings ratios are about as high as they can possibly be. McKinsey
  26. The 3 most Timeless Investment Principles

    Warren Buffett is widely considered to be one of the greatest investors of all time, but if you were to ask him who he thinks is the greatest investor he would probably mention one man: his teacher, Benjamin Graham. here is what he taught him..
  27. Is this the start of another Great Depression?

    BERKELEY, California (CNN) -- Every time the economy and stock market turn down, financial historians get predictable calls from reporters. Barry Eichengreen says strong action should be taken to stop the financial crisis from getting worse.
  28. Case Study: State BRANDING as an investment enabler

    Destination branding tinkers with the identity of the place in question. It offers a deliberate and systematic communication by creating an image and building a perception of trust, credibility and the specific niche the destination has to offer.
  29. The aims, application and benefits of the new e-Dividend

    e-Dividend refers to the payment of dividend due to a shareholder through a direct credit into his or her nominated bank account rather than issuance of cheque or warrant. It is convenient, secure, online means of paying dividends directly to the sharehol
  30. Blood on Broad Street: The Bull may be on its way up..

    .....we recommend that retail investors should also begin to look for buying opportunities in the market immediately; waiting until next year may be a bit too late to find bargain opportunities - Nigerian Securities LLC
  31. LOR Intelligent Investor

    What is the difference between someone who is merely speculating or gambling, and someone who is actually investing? What therefore informed the decisions of those who invested in Transcorp at N7.50? Although some now say Transcorp is a stock of the futur
  32. e-Allotment in the NCM: What you need to know

    e-Dividend is the direct payment of dividends into shareholders accounts within 24 hours of declaration by a quoted company. e-Bonus is the direct crediting of bonus shares into shareholders CSCS accounts.
  33. Christopher Gardner - The Inspiration

    Christopher Gardner is the owner and CEO of Christopher Gardner International Holdings with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Conquering grave challenges to become a successful entrepreneur, Gardner is an avid motivational and aspirational
  34. Borrowing to invest in shares: getting it right and wrong

    There are good and bad sides of credit and when it comes to stock market investing, you cannot really be sure on which side you are until you are completely out of debt. Mike Uzor, CEO of Datatrust shares with us perspectives on the subject...........
  35. Buy and hold on the NSE: When to hold and when to sell

    Because share prices respond to a whole lot of changes and developments surrounding markets and company operations, you can never be sure you are right or wrong on your stock pick until the price begins to move after you buy.
  36. Private Wealth Mangt: A Nation in search of wealth managers

    If Nigeria has the expertise to manage this wealth, Nigeria will in the long run, benefit from it. The techniques are of managing such wealth are much the same with that of a portfolio on the basis of returns - Omoh Gabriel, Business Editor, Vanguard
  37. The Dividend Growth Model

    It is best to describe this model by using an example. Assume that a stock is paying $2.00 per year in dividends, growing at 3.5% per year. The so-called variable item in this example is the investors required rate of return, which we will assume is 12.4%
  38. Waiting for Bonus in a Bearish Trend Market - Case Study

    Impact analysis of decision to sell off UBA shares before Bonus date for an public Offer Investor. Two more scenarios will be dealt with at the Thursday, June 26, 2008 Analyst Seminar by Proshare/investIQ.......
  39. Expected Company Results - 230608

    Investors Diary - Expected company results for your planning.....Courtesy FSDH
  40. Margin Trading

    Investors can buy stocks with their own cash or borrow part of the cost, leveraging the transaction. Leverage is accomplished by buying on margin, which means the investor pays for the stock with some cash and borrows the rest through the broker, putting

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