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   Market Date: 25-07-2014   
Continental Re: Bulls are rising by taking support of an uptrend line

News & Features

Proshare News & Investigations (NI) provides timely market and business news, analysis, reviews, investigative reports and market updates to keep the investment community abreast of happenings in the operating environment, and beyond.


The Analyst / Market Data

TheANALYST provides timely and accurate news, data, research and tools to aid investment decision making. It equally offers a gateway to execution platforms to enable traders, analysts, researchers and retail investors engage with the benefit of insight. The Analyst website is a useful companion and resource for CFO’s, analysts, financial journalists, researchers, FII’s and retail investors.


Investor Relations

The Investor Relations Service is the information depository of all listed companies in Nigeria, containing corporate, technical analysis, finance, research, presentations, statutory documents, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the financial community, and other constituencies assess the listed entities’ fair valuation.

The IRS offers a range of customized services that provide valuable opportunities for listed entities to engage with stakeholders and increase visibility, thereby contribute to the correct appraisal of their shares and brand worth. Proshare’s history and distribution outlets avail the IRS an optimal communication leverage with a targeted audience of investors and decision-makers.


The Regulator

The Regulator is a dedicated website that recognizes the changing trends and role of regulators in delivering a risk assessed financial market place founded upon best practice, oversight, compliance, supervision, and enforcement. The site aggregates news, policy, rules, requirements, legislation, presentations, opinions, bills and exposure drafts in Nigeria’s financial market place.

Most importantly, we offer checklist services and “clear-the-air” resource to empower those that need it the most.


Economy & Politics

Economy & Politics provides the latest news and insight about current events in the Nigerian Economy and political process seeking to draw the nexus between production, buying and selling, and their relations with law, custom and governance; as well as with the distribution of national income and wealth.

The website most importantly should empower users to engage public discourse and individual assessments from a factual standpoint, and hopefully elevate and enhance the much needed public conversation about how we order our society.



WebTV is the premier online investment and business television and video service. Founded in May 2011 as an add-on complement to the financial market information service of Proshare, it has since grown into a veritable video blog, catering to a wider audience in the investing and commercial business community.

Now domiciled on a dedicated website – with a clear goal of migrating into programming; the service provides a visual complement to news coverage of the Nigerian financial market to a global audience through six (6) distinct web channels – Investing, Financial Services, Business, Economy & Politics, Products & Services and Sports & Entertainment.

Training Portal

Working with and through accredited local and international professional financial and business training institutes, we bring to you best practice training and self development opportunities delivered both online and through public/customized training events all year round.

Given the new paradigm in the market place, the human capital component of the changes envisaged requires a well thought out suite of courses relevant to the needs of the local market. The training portal puts you in direct contact with the relevant courses and resources/facilitators needed.


Events Calender

Keeping track of business, finance and economic events and allowing you to create, share and manage events with ease. You can integrate this with your mobile calendar or scheduler to keep you up in the know.


NewsStands – Online Reputation Audit

This service specifically focuses on providing the tools necessary for an ethical online reputation monitoring and management of Nigerian companies and executives to enable responsible officers of these entities promptly take control of their brand equity online.


This purpose-built “Personal Finance” website under development will allow you read the latest news and articles about loans, investing, saving & spending, lifestyle, insurance, taxes, career & education, tours & travels, retirement, and real estate. It is designed to provide for you a one-stop shopping mart of products and services available in the Nigerian market for your personal decision.

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