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   Market Date: 25-07-2014   
Continental Re: Bulls are rising by taking support of an uptrend line

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All data generated by or collected from Proshare or its suite of resources; and its users while visiting ‘the website’ is the property of Proshare. Any third party collecting or attempting to collect data from Proshare or its users (a "Data Collector") is hereby notified that it is subject to the following Data Policy.

No party unaffiliated with the registered owners of Proshare may collect or use, or direct, authorize or assist other persons or entities to collect or use, any data from a user, or a computer or device operated by a user, while visiting without the prior express written permission of Proshare. For example, no data may be collected, used or transferred for purposes of retargeting, behavioral re-marketing, or targeting any advertisements, segment categorization or any form of syndication which is related to Proshare, its content, or its users without the prior express written permission of and agreement by Proshare in each instance.

Proshare, The Analyst, WebTV and other resource available and deployed by the company undertakes not to disclose the information provided by the users to any person, unless such action is necessary to:

Proshare may however use and/ or share the information provided by the users as it may deem necessary with its affiliates and third parties for providing services and any service-related activities in order to serve you better. In this regard it may be necessary to disclose the user information to one or more agents and contractors of Proshare, and their sub-agents or sub-contractors, but such agents, sub-agents, contractors and sub-contractors will be required to use such information only for the stipulated services.

Proshare may disclose the user's personal information to government, court, tribunals, authorities or other regulatory agency and/ or as may be required by the law to comply with their bona-fide request. In either case Proshare shall be bound by and shall at all times have the legal right to disclose any or all personal information given by the user to it and Proshare shall not be held responsible or liable for any eventuality, loss or damage to the user that may arise out of such action on its part.

Further, some of the user information is maintained in Proshare's marketing database. Proshare may contact a user either by post, or by telephone or e-mail primarily as a follow-up to the user's request/enquiry or to answer any questions. Proshare may also contact a user from time to time in respect of other products and services that may be of interest to users. If a user does not wish to receive information about these products or services, the user may simply contact Proshare by phone, e-mail or post and communicate its desire not to receive information on these products or services.

Proshare may inform advertisers of information on user's behavior and characteristics showing interest in various areas of the Proshare website as well as number of users that have been exposed to or clicked on their advertising banner. Proshare will provide only aggregate data from such analysis done by it to third parties. Also, users should be aware that Proshare may sometimes permit third parties to offer subscription and/or registration-based services through Proshare. Proshare is not responsible for any actions or policies of such third parties and users should check the applicable privacy policy of such party when providing personally identifiable information.

If, at any time after registering for information or subscribing to any of our services, you wish to discontinue receiving information from us or you wish to opt out of our marketing or promotional emails, phone calls or discontinue receiving any other direct communication from us, please either click on the "unsubscribe" link available in the service/promotional/marketing emails or send us your request to unsubscribe at

Proshare ensures that all emails promoting its website(s) or its services or the domains owned by it are sent only to subscribers who have agreed to receive such messages. Proshare prohibits any advertising of its brand and website using unsolicited email messages. Any non compliance with this policy would cause partnership termination and/or affiliate account termination. If you feel that you have received unsolicited emails from Proshare or its affiliates or associates and would like to register a compliant, please contact us at We will on a best effort basis investigate all complaints related to unsolicited email messages and resolve same.

The user shall cooperate with The Analyst in order to ensure the security of the information, and we recommend that the users necessarily choose their passwords carefully such that no unauthorized access is made by a third party. The users should undertake not to disclose their password to anyone or keep any written or other record of the password such that a third party could access it.

The data covered by this policy includes, but is not limited to, data collected via any advertising unit, widget, pixel tag, cookie, e-mail, script or other data collection process.

Any Data Collector is required to contact Proshare at and complete Proshare’s data collector certification process. This may include providing additional information about the data being collected and data collecting technology being used; executing the applicable data agreement; and certifying compliance with our technical guidelines and specifications.

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