Market Date: 11-10-2011  
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    The Market today

    Cap:        N 6,356,212,955,338.42
    Index:    20,012.07
    Volume:   197,180,323.00
    Value:   N 1,852,745,255.91
    Deals:   3,858
    Gainers:   12see Gainers
    Loosers:   26see Losers
    Unchanged:   61
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    No. Of Deals:   200.00

    Volume Traded:   82,148,389.00

    Value Traded:    336,168,921.91

    52 Weeks High:  0.00

    52 Weeks Low:    

    Open Price:    4.12

    Close Price:    4.15

    High Price:    4.19

    Low Price:    4.09

    Year To Date Appreciation:    


    1 Week Change (%)

    1 Month Change (%)

    6 Months Change (%)

    1 Year Change (%)






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    No Share Certificate
    I bought shares of DAARCOMM throug Fidelity Bank during their public offer and up till now I have not heard any news about issuing certificate and not to mention dividend since then. Please I would like to be informed of any new development as regarding this. Thanks Harry

    Filed by: HARRY MADU HARRY    Directed To: DAARCOMM   Status:

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  • Investment Community
Clearification Please
Am a shareholder of our great bank and i just bought some more shares of the bank early this year, but when i requested for report on my holdings it shows i only have 11,000 units which i bought many years ago. Can someone please inform me of my handings with the bank.

To: Firstinland Registrars Limited   

dividen certificate
please help us find out about the money we invested on partnership privete placement.also help find out what happen to the bonus certificate. thanks ,vincent.

Filed by: eboigbe vincent eboigbe   
To: Partnership Investment & Co Ltd   

Reconstructed Shares in Sterling Bank Plc
Since the recontruction of shares in Sterling Bank that occured a few years ago, my CSCS account has not been credited with the new shareholding although the old shareholding was removed from my CSCS account. Are you able to assist with this?

To: Sterling Registrars Limited   

Release of 2010FYR
This company STANDARD ALLIANCE INSURANCE PLC has not released her 2010fyr (fyr - Financial Year End Result). It baffles me that the name has been omitted from the list of companies on technical/full suspension. Also it has not traded her shares on the floor for quite a while and the regulators are yet to give the position. Kindly fulfill all necessary conditions required for companies listed on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange as investors are in dare need of knowing the position of the company we invested in.

Filed by: Truesage Id    

Share Certificate/Dividend
I bought 5,000 Oceanic shares in April 2007. I have not received the share certificate and the whatever dividend I am entitled to. I bought some through a broker. I would like to know what will happen to my shares now that the bank is going to be merged with another bank. Can proshare please tell me how to go about this. I have phoned several times with no result.

Filed by: Rachel Falade    
To: Oceanic Registrars   

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