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Who we are

Proshare was founded in 2006 with the vision of providing financial, regulatory and business communication services for all stakeholders in the Nigerian Financial Market in a timely, credible and reliable manner.

Proshare has since become one of Africa's leading information providers, specialist content and business to business knowledge providers to emerging markets, businesses, organisations and governments with leading content and information platforms focused on policies and investment data and information; and a portfolio of services which includes series of established events, trainings, financial information intermediation and market reports.

We have evolved maintaining progressively this one vision over the years. We have not changed in our values, delivery, and integrity; however our transformation is inspired by ........a different thinking

maske shop


The question investors ask is "Where's the best place to get credible financial market information, updates and analysis for satisfactory decision making?"

The market believes that inconsistency is now the new consistency as competence and confidence gets a thorough make-over where risk and regulatory control becomes the market watchword. This conforms the view held by Proshare that “the financial economic landscape has been altered permanently along value lines and consequently, information context! Intelligent information will not be determined by news media cycles but short, data-backed and context relevant alerts.”
So what is data and figures without facts and analysis, this is all about intelligent and investigative reporting.
Choose Proshare if all you ever wanted is Timely, Reliable and actionable financial market news, information and furthermore analysis and reports backing the news with a round-the-clock website update.
We have been consistent over years and renowned for integrity and detailed information management and dissemination.
Organisations have enjoyed brand communication, issues management, advertising and product sensitization maximizing our platform over the years.

Excellence - the reason for our being.............

Our Core Values







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