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   Market Date: 25-06-2014   
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Rivals Russia and China unite to end America’s Unipolarity -

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Thursday, May 22, 2014 11:25 AM / Damina Advisors, Sebastian Spio-Garbrah

Rivals Russia and China unite to end ‘The American Century’: An altered geopolitical landscape for emerging and frontier markets focused multinational companies and investors.


Geopolitical rivals Russia and China have over the past 48 hours signed a number of historic strategic agreements that commits both governments and their key state-owned businesses to a series of coordinated intensive multi-decade actions to accelerate the end of the American-led uni-polar geopolitical and economic world order. Both countries seek a non US-led multi-peaked multi-polar great power system where each major power’s respective traditional ‘spheres of influence’ are respected. India’s newly elected leader, who has previously vowed not to step foot in America except to attend the UN, together with Brazil, and South Africa may in coming months also possibly join this Russia-China anchored multi-polar axis.


An end to US hegemony will negatively affect western multinational corporations and investors. The sky high stock prices of major global companies, premised on their global growth strategies, will have to re-adjust to a new hostile multi-polar world order where some emerging and frontier markets could become permanently 'closed.' Western global multinational corporations and capital markets investors who have since the end of the Cold War in 1989 assumed a ‘flattening earth’ with predominant American-European political and economic values of liberal democracy, free trade, open capital markets, and laissez-faire capitalism, face an increasingly complex antagonistic competitive mercantilist business landscape. The 25-year surge in global multinational corporate revenues, since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which has sent the Dow Jones Index soaring over 520% (averaging a 20% yearly return), and the Nasdaq by over 840% (averaging a 33% yearly return) is set to reverse course in search of a new geopolitical equilibrium.

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